As was previously reported, the Week of information and communication technologies ICTWEEK will be held from 19 to 23 September in Tashkent. In addition to the forum, exhibition and other activities within ICTWEEK, it is scheduled to hold  competitions in robоtics among children. The organizers of the event will be the first in Uzbekistan, the School of robоtics RoboKidz and the Ministry for development of information technologies and communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The winning team and their mentor will travel to India to the World Robоt Olympiad, according to the event website.

This was made possible thanks to the cooperation between RoboKidz and World Robоt Olympiad. Now, having become the official representative of the WRO in Uzbekistan, RoboKidz has the opportunity to represent the country at the event.

Thus, a team comprised of two representatives, having won the national round of Robоtics Olympiad, will have an opportunity to take part in the final stage of the World Robоt Olympiad 2016, which will be held in new Delhi (India) from 25 to 27 November 2016.