On October 23 in NAEMM was held an opening ceremony of seminar trainings dedicated to the study of international experience in covering electoral processes. The event was attended by journalists of nongovernmental television and radio studios, NAEMM Representatives, the Regional Representative of Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Central Asia, as well as experts of the Central Election Commission of Uzbekistan.

Trainings will be conducted by leading experts from Germany - President of the Federal Association of German broadcasters - Rene Falkner and well-known independent journalist - Birgit Wetzel.

German expert Rene Falkner is planning to share the global practices in producing popular and top-ranking talk shows with the use of new technical solutions with the participants of seminar-training within 11 days.
"Of course, we will talk about the role of talk show for this event, about the different formats and TV solutions. In this issue technical capabilities play considerably important role: First of all, I want to note new studio of NAEMM that meets modern international standards. As I have been informed, such studios are built in 10 regions of the country and interconnected using fiber-optic cable, which allows us today to hold an event in the capital, and still be broadcasting online in all the studios in the country. This is unique. We also saw the trailer of a talk show on the electoral process, which is in my opinion was very interesting and rich in facts," - said the expert from Germany. 

During the four days under the guidance of Birgit Wetzel, participants (journalists from different radio stations) of the next seminar-training will learn and use in practice advanced methods enrichment of air with new creative programs, they will also learn to use non-standard methods of information delivery and other features to attract more listeners. At the opening ceremony of the seminar training, it was stated that the result of this workshop will be the creation of a special daily radio program "Diary of the elections."
- I am glad that I will conduct classes with young journalists on elections and electoral processes. Our unified aim with Uzbek colleagues is to prepare high-quality media products and also competent and high-grade radio information on electoral issues. The participants of the workshop are mostly young people, and it inspires me. Each time when I visit Uzbekistan I see that skills of your journalists are growing year by year - says Birgit Wetzel. 

In turn, the head of the Representation of Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Central Asia Dr. Thomas Kunze expressed the hope that "these activities will contribute to the professional coverage of the election of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, which takes place on December 4 this year," noting that the German specialists will be happy not only to conduct seminar-trainings for representatives of the media youth, but also exchange experience with Uzbek colleagues.

- These seminars are only the "first signs" in a series of educational trainings we plan to hold with the support of a number of international organizations in order to improve professional standards of members of our association in matters of covering election processes of the President of Uzbekistan, - said the Chairman of the Board of NAEMM - Firdavs Abdukhalikov at the opening ceremony of media events.  The workshops will last until the end of November of this year.