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Uzbek Karate Athletes Clinch 13 Medals
03 November 2016 SPORT
A Scientific Afterword
03 November 2016 TECH
Uzbekistan ranks 87th in "Doing business 2017" rating
03 November 2016 BUSINESS
Women’s and girls’participation in political processes
03 November 2016 SOCIETY
European parliament acquainted with modern development of Uzbekistan
03 November 2016 POLITICS
International Forum “Media, Advertising and Modern Technologies” opens in Tashkent
03 November 2016 BUSINESS
The journalists of nongovernmental media adopt German experience
24 October 2016 SOCIETY
Tashkent to host International Forum "Media, advertising and modern technologies"
19 October 2016 BUSINESS
Pakistani newspapers about the upcoming presidential election in Uzbekistan
04 October 2016 POLITICS
Newspaper Lead Pakistan on the upcoming presidential elections in Uzbekistan
04 October 2016 POLITICS
Diplomat magazine: Presidential elections in Uzbekistan to be held in the atmosphere of transparency and openness
04 October 2016 POLITICS
Every citizen of Uzbekistan feels responsibility for their country
04 October 2016 POLITICS
The Kabul Times on the start of preparation for the presidential elections
04 October 2016 POLITICS
In order to secure publicity and transparency of electoral process
21 September 2016 POLITICS
Political Parties Submit Documents to Take Part in Presidential Elections
20 September 2016 POLITICS
Huawei becomes sponsor of ICTSUMMIT and ICTEXPO 2016
17 September 2016 TECH
In Turkmenistan a Constitutional Law on Approval of the new edition of the Constitution of the country is adopted
14 September 2016 POLITICS
Success of sportsmen of Uzbekistan
14 September 2016 SPORT
Tashkent to host photo exhibition "Magic Slovakia"
14 September 2016 CULTURE
Uzbekistan to be presented at World Robot Olympiad
14 September 2016 TECH