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Ravon returns to Russian market (new price list)

After a significant hiatus, Ravon cars will again be available for Russian customers. Dealers of GM Uzbekistan in Russia have already received an official letter with information on prices. 

However, the company still does not report the delivery dates of cars. It should be recalled that sales of Ravon cars in Russia were suspended last summer.

Reportedly, Russian motorists will be able to buy Ravon R2 in two trim levels – “Optimum” and “Elegant”. The minimum price for this model will be 799,900 rubles (104,556,000 soums), the maximum - 824,900 (107,824,000 soums). Due to moderate prices, R2 will be able to claim the title of the most affordable new car with an automatic transmission in the Russian market, competing with “Grante” and Datsun on-DO in the complete set Trust I, carsweek.ru writes. 

Ravon R4 for Russia will be represented in four models: Comfort MT (779,900 rubles, or 101,942,000 soums), Optimum MT (794,900 rubles, or 103,902,000 soums), Optimum AT (834,900 rubles, or 109,131,000 soums ) and Elegant AT (849,000 rubles, or 110,974,000 soums).

These prices in the letter appear as “recommended”, which means that the final price of the Russian dealers of Ravon may differ from the stated in the company. 

GM Uzbekistan is planning to start exporting to Russia the third Ravon model – Nexia R3. However, in the future, the company intends to entrust the assembly of cars, which are now imported from Uzbekistan, to the Cherkassian factory DerVase.