The group “E-yoshlar” are making an effort to set the #NavoiyDay and #BoburDay hash tags as the world trend
23:29 / 07.02.2017

Remaining faithful to their  tradition, the group “E-yoshlar”, which last year introduced the #Navoiy575 #BoburDay and #NavrUZ hash tags as the global trend, encourage all citizens in the virtual world, particularly the young people actively join their ranks.

Promoting #NavoiyDay and #BoburDay hash tags among active Internet users throughout the world, “E-yoshlar” eager for spreading these hash tags out into the world trend and once again holding real mass festivities.

This virtual campaign is expected to be the most high-profile movement in social networks of February 2017.

According to the rules of the campaign, Twitter users will have to leave the post starting on February 9 from 9:00 in #NavoiyDay hash tag, starting on February 14 from14:00 in #BoburDay hash tag.

The Facebook and Instagram users can also participate in the campaign as well, using the hash tags.

The group “E-yoshlar” confirms the scheduled "Open Doors" on February 14 at the Tashkent State Economic University.

Each citizen self-regarding related to national values is invited to our university to make photos around the special decorations, banners and illustrations initiated to the anniversary of Babur and participating in the on-line system, reflecting the different social networks.    .

The group “E-yoshlar” calls all compatriots, including all of the favorite artists, athletes, the local community activists, especially students and the youth to actively participate in and do it.