18:15 / 20.05.2019
What changes are expected to be introduced from June 1, 2019?
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In accordance with the Resolution #897 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated November 1, 2018 “On gradual change of prices and tariffs for fuel and energy resources”, starting from June 1, 2019, prices for natural gas and electricity will be increased.

In particular:

Price of natural gas (per cubic meter) will be calculated as below:

- For communal household needs of the population when there is computing meter - 350 soums;

- For communal household needs of population when there is no computing meter:

- for cooking and hot water supply - 605 soums;

- for heating system - 350 soums.

Electricity cost (per 1 kWh):

For consumers of the I and II groups - 370 soums;

For consumers of the III group - 280 soums;

For consumers of the IV group - 392 soums.

Limitations on residential registration for the use of State Services will be abolished.

Some changes will be made in the Bureau of Compulsory Enforcement (BCE) activity:

- the issue of initiation of the execution case is resolved within one working day from the date of receipt of the execution document;

- if there are circumstances preventing the implementation of the compulsory execution of actions, these actions can be delayed at least twice in accordance with the debtor's application or at the initiative of the State Executive (the law has not specified how many delays may be applied);

- and now, a specialist appointed by the State Executive shall be obliged to submit a written conclusion within fifteen business days from the date of acquittal of the Executing Officer
in order to clarify the issues arising in the execution of the enforcement actions. 

Personnel of the citizens' assemblies will be recruited and dismissed at the district organization.

It should be noted that previously, there was no single rule or practice in the country regarding conclusion and cancellation of employment contracts with citizens' assemblies.