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20:00 / 22.05.2019 209

New application forms for registration of international passports approved

The Ministry of Justice, in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, has developed and passed the new forms of applications for processing biometric international passports for adults and minors under 16 years of age.

The current application form consists of 4 sheets containing 16 points, most of the information that should be indicated in them can be clarified by interdepartmental exchange of information through the databases of relevant state bodies.

The new application form consists of 11 points (9 points for minors under the age of 16) on 1 sheet, and the data are indicated by filling in the appropriate cells.

The followings have been excluded from the previous application form:

- information about close relatives of the applicant, including his parents, children, ex-spouses, if they have children from a joint marriage with them;

- information about presence of the applicant's unfulfilled obligations established by the court, including the civil suit in court;

- information about purpose of the applicant’s departure abroad (to which state and on what purpose), information about the initiation of a criminal case against him;

- the requirement to sign and certify the application form with a seal by an enterprise, institution, organization or self-government bodies of citizens;

- information on when and in which foreign countries the applicant has been in the last 2 years;

- information about bringing the applicant to administrative or criminal responsibility by the law enforcement services of a foreign state for non-compliance with the laws of the given state;

- an excerpt from the employment registration of the applicant on labor activity for the last 5 years.

According to the Ministry of Justice, the responsible officer of the department for migration and registration of citizenship (data collection point) of the internal affairs bodies forms this questionnaire and presents it to the person who submitted the questionnaire for signing.

In addition, the responsible employees of the data collection point are prohibited to require documents confirming the information specified in the application form.