14:40 / 06.12.2020
Uzbekistan to develop proposals for phased privatization of markets

The State Assets Management Agency, together with the relevant ministries, will submit to the Cabinet of Ministers a draft resolution on improving the management system of markets and shopping centers as well as on their gradual privatization.

Photo: Petr Svarc

On October 27, a presidential decree was adopted on accelerating the reform process of enterprises with state share and their gradual privatization. The document contains instructions on the gradual reform of more than 500 markets and shopping malls with an individual approach to each of them.

Currently, the agency has studied financial indicators and property problems of markets, shopping centers with a state share, and a separate project is being developed.

In this regard, the agency noted that the process of selling the state share in markets and shopping centers has not begun yet. The process will be launched after the adoption and within the framework of the relevant decision of the President of Uzbekistan.

In accordance with the current procedure for the adoption of regulations, the draft resolution will be submitted for public discussion on a special web portal. Opinions and comments, proposals of ministries, departments and local khokimiyats will be heard.

There will also be a discussion with industry experts, international experts, independent observers, media representatives and the general public, which will be covered in the mass media.

Based on the results of the discussion, the revised draft resolution will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers after a legal examination by the Ministry of Justice.