21:15 / 22.12.2020
Citizens of Uzbekistan cause more traffic accidents in Russia than any other foreign nationals – Russian MIA

For the first time, the Scientific Center for Road Traffic Safety of the Interior Ministry of Russia has published data on foreign citizens who caused accidents on the territory of the country in the first nine months of 2020, Commersant writes.

Citizens of Uzbekistan are the most frequent causers of accidents in the Russian Federation. According to the anti-rating, citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia were also found to be responsible for a large number of accidents, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs reports.

The most disciplined foreign drivers were Afghans, Estonians and Japanese.

The accident rate in the Russian Federation has been decreasing in recent years – in 2020 the downward trend accelerated due to the pandemic restrictions (there was hardly any traffic on the roads). Accidents caused by foreign nationals also decreased during the period. Drivers from CIS countries were responsible for 3,000 accidents (-18.4 percent) and drivers from other countries – for 3,400 accidents (16.7 percent).

Citizens of Uzbekistan (797 accidents, down by 12.3 percent compared to the previous year), Kyrgyzstan (701, -6.7 percent), Tajikistan (599, -11.4 percent), Azerbaijan (282, -17.5 percent), and Armenia (280, -42 percent) were the most frequent causers of accidents. On the other end of the anti-rating, there are citizens of Afghanistan, Estonia (5 accidents each), Japan and Lithuania (6 accidents each) as well as Rwanda (7). The highest number of victims – 76 – was recorded in accidents committed by Tajik citizens.

The largest number of injuries inflicted – 1,080 people – were caused by accidents with the involvement of Uzbek drivers. The greatest severity of the consequences (the ratio of deaths to the number of affected) was caused by accidents committed by Ukrainian nationals (14.2 percent).