19:08 / 02.01.2021
Budgetary powers of several gov't departments increased 

A number of departments in Uzbekistan had their budgetary powers extended, as corresponding amendments have already been made to the Budget Code and the law On State Power at Local Level, Norma reports.

The Jokargy Kenes of Karakalpakstan, the Councils of People’s Deputies of the regions and the city of Tashkent, districts and cities take into consideration the income projections of the national budget of Karakalpakstan and the regions; the municipal budget of the capital and the budgets of districts and cities take decisions on changes to the local budgets. Deputies also hear the reports of the territorial managers of the budgets on the efficiency of the use of the budget and the results achieved.

The Council of Ministers of Karakalpakstan, the khokims of the regions and Tashkent, districts and cities will now consider and approve the limits of budgetary allocations from the national budget of Karakalpakstan, the regional budgets, and the budgets of districts and cities to local budget managers for the purpose of creating up a budget request.

The Ministry of Finance develops and approves a compendium of common guidelines for the implementation of the medium-term budget preparation process in two stages (formulation and preparation), as well as the procedure for the establishment and revision of budgetary funds, allocated to the state budget.

On the basis of the proposals of the first-tier budget managers, within one month from the date of the adoption of the State Budget Law, budget funds allocated for second-tier budget managers within the approved allocations from the republican budget for the first-tier managers will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers for approval.

The Ministry also approves the list of territorial budget managers for Karakalpakstan, the regions and Tashkent, as well as districts and cities.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance sends recommendations on the preparation of local budget proposals to the Council of Ministers of Karakalpakstan, the khokimiyats of regions and the city of Tashkent.