10:08 / 16.04.2021
Disgruntled women stage a protest in Kokand

In Fergana region, disgruntled female entrepreneurs staged a protest. The khokimiyat commented on the situation.

As the press service of the regional administration reported, on April 13, women staged a protest over the increase in rental fees in the markets of the city of Kokand.

According to the first deputy khokim of Fergana region, Avaz Urinbayev, in 2020, due to the pandemic, the rental prices and fees were not increased in the markets.

However, in 2021, at the suggestion of the regional financial administration and the territorial tax administration, from April 1, the city decided to raise the cost of rent and fees.

In turn, this caused discontent among entrepreneurs and women who are engaged in entrepreneurship, they blocked the road in Kokand.

“Previously, 22 thousand soums were paid for one square meter. From April 1, the prices have been doubled. Now they are asking for 40 thousand soums. We don’t mind if prices go up, but not so dramatically. How will we cover costs? If we raise the prices of goods, people will stop buying things from us,” an entrepreneur from Kokand told Daryo.

It also became known that on the instructions of the regional khokim, a special working group was created to study the situation. In Kokand, the city khokim met with the women who staged a protest.

“I am a disabled person of the second group. I used to pay 5,000 soums for one meter of space. For three meters of space, I gave 15 thousand soums every day. Now 8,000 soums are required per square meter. One of my children is studying at a university on a tuition fee basis. I explained the situation to them, but they do not want to listen to me. If I leave the bazaar, how will I feed my family? We ask officials to reconsider the pricing policy,” one of the entrepreneurs in the Rishtan district said.

As a result, a decision was made to reduce the cost of rent and fees. Officials assured the women that the cost would not rise.