20:49 / 22.10.2021
Uzbekistan to observe “Day of Silence” tomorrow 

Tomorrow, October 23, there will be a “Day of Silence” in Uzbekistan.

Photo: Kun.uz

According to Article 103 of the Electoral Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, on the day of elections and the day before the start of voting, it is prohibited to publish (disclose) the results of public opinion polls, forecasts of election results, other studies related to the elections, including their posting on information networks, as well as on the Internet.

Moreover, according to Article 44 of the above Code, campaigning on election day and the day before the start of voting is not allowed.

On October 23 and 24, the following is prohibited:

- dissemination of information about the program and (or) election platform of a political party with an appeal to vote for its candidates for deputies;
- dissemination of information about the candidate with an appeal to vote for him.

Also, public debates, discussions, press conferences, meetings of citizens, interviews, speeches, placement of videos in the mass media are prohibited.

Campaigning cannot be carried out on these days:

- through the mass media, telecommunication networks, as well as the Internet;
- through the production and distribution of printed, visual, audiovisual and other campaign materials (posters, leaflets and other materials);
- through meetings with voters.

The “Day of Silence” does not apply to information directly about the elections themselves, calls to take part in them, clarification of legislative norms and the voting procedure. 

It should be recalled that on October 24 this year, presidential elections will be held in Uzbekistan.

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