09:47 / 30.10.2021
Draft normative legal acts to undergo linguistic expertise

From January 1, 2023, draft normative legal acts will undergo a linguistic examination for compliance with such requirements as simplicity, brevity, accuracy, correct use of terms and others. The procedure for conducting an examination was approved by a decree of the government of Uzbekistan dated October 28, the Ministry of Justice reported.

Linguistic expertise is carried out by an advisor to the head of the organization that developed the draft, based on the following requirements:

•  simplicity and brevity of phrases, accuracy of definitions;
•  observance of spelling, stylistic and grammatical rules;
•  correct use of new and industry terms;
•  correct structure and consistency of presentation.

According to the document, the advisor or specialist gives an opinion indicating recommendations for eliminating errors and deficiencies within three days or within the period established by the contract. Based on the recommendations, the text of the document will be revised and sent to the ministries and departments for approval.

In draft regulations, it is not allowed to use:

•  forms of oral speech;
•  terms in foreign languages in the presence of equivalent words and concepts in the state language;
•  outdated and ambiguous words and phrases, figurative comparisons, definitions and metaphors;
•  abbreviations and abbreviations (except for the generally accepted ones).