09:00 / 01.12.2021
EPSILON (EDC): Intensifying construction of gas transmission infrastructure facilities
Фото: Epsilon

Scaling up production of hydrocarbons increases the load on the existing gas transmission capacities thus entailing complications with gas supply from low-pressure wells.

To address this matter, EDC is currently constructing new infrastructure facilities:

  • Gas pipeline from Chigil CP to Mubarek GPP (diameter: 426×16 mm, length: 110 km);
  • Gathering station;

In addition, on November 26, EDC completed the construction of 8.9-km-long 168-mm gas flowline connecting Shirinobod field with “Nazarkuduk CP – Shurtanneftegaz GSP” pipeline.

Total, as of November 30:

100.9 km of pipes delivered;

89 km of trenches dug;

100.9 km of pipes welded into a string;

54.4 km of pipes laid.

The above measures are to improve reliability of pipeline infrastructure and help increase natural gas supply.

All works comply with relevant sanitary-epidemiological and environmental requirements.

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