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BALTIC EDITION: Uzbekistan takes effective measures to encourage exporters

The comprehensive development of our country at the present stage is the object of interest of the international community and media. Thus, the Baltic news BNS (Baltic News Service) agency posted on its website a series of informative articles dealing with Uzbekistan.

In particular, materials tell about the results of social-economic development of our country for the first quarter of this year, which were voiced during a recent meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as the work on e-government implementation in Uzbekistan.

BNS informs and demonstrates statistics on certain spheres and branches of production, "Sustainable economic growth and macroeconomic balance is ensured thanks to the systematic and consistent implementation of the most important tasks and priorities adopted by the economic program for 2016 in Uzbekistan".

Portal notes that effective measures are taken to encourage export enterprises and provide them with the necessary support in the country in the promotion of products to foreign markets, which ensures the preservation of export growth trends and positive balance of trade. "From the beginning of the year, 583 companies were involved into this activity, which have not exported their products previously. At the same time 95 new products have been mastered for supply to foreign markets. The specific targets for ensuring the timely contracting volumes of export supplies in the current year, fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products in accordance with the aim settings are set before of the newly created agencies – the holding company "Uzbekozikovkatholding" its subordinated specialized foreign trade company "Uzagroeksport" and other organizations. "

In addition, the article emphasizes that the course of implementation of measures to attract foreign investors in the authorized capital of joint stock companies and corporate governance was deeply analyzed at the meeting the Government of Uzbekistan, as well as the reduction of state presence in the economy through the implementation of its shares and assets. BNS informs: "During the first quarter of this year 178 state assets with investment commitments amounting about 216 billion soums is realized in a private property. The number of joint stock companies with state share in the authorized funds decreased to 209 against 378 in the same period of 2015 ".

Also the edition tells about the development of e-government in Uzbekistan. It specifies that since the first days of independence one of the priorities of the state policy is broad and deep adoption of ICT. The Baltic edition`s article says:"Uzbekistan has done extensive work on the formation of an open and constructive environment between public authorities and citizens, partnerships, effective relations between them through the use of modern ICT potential. Using these technologies enables the transparency of activities of state bodies, creates conditions for active participation of citizens in making important management decisions that affect them".

BNS reported that the development of online paying of taxes, compulsory payoff and utility of users in the respective systems doubled, online transactions - by 2.3 times.

Source: Jahonnews.uz