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Computers for Physicians

The Ministry of Health has again drawn the attention to the need to pay attention to the level of physicians’ and nurses’ computer skills. The result is another order issued by the minister aimed at raising the specialists’ qualification levels.

Several investment projects on fitting out medical establishments with modern digital equipment are being implemented in this country, which enable to maintain and process information in an automated mode. However, not all specialists are able to utilize this equipment to its full potential. This is especially true about in distant rural areas.

The electronic circulation of medical documentation as well as distance consultations for doctors and other services have been launched and widely practiced for many years now, which help simplify mutual communication among specialists. With this aim in view the Ministry procures PCs for rural medical stations, family polyclinics and district medical associations. It’s quite obvious that the introduction of computers for their practical application will require not only additional equipment for medical establishments but also training of personnel on their utilization.

The order envisages the realization of a whole complex of measures spearheaded at further improvement of territorial administration bodies’ and medical healthcare establishments’ activities on ensuring broader utilization of information-communication technologies. There is a need to organize activities on a systemic basis in the field of raising the level of management, administrative and medical personnel qualifications and skills in practical utilization of information-communication technologies in their daily work.

Moreover, the trainees will have to be taught the information security skills in the use of information networks.

For the purpose of motivation of medical staff it was established that the deadlines for qualification improvement on the use of information-communication technologies will be taken into account in the course of their attestation and performance assessment.

Source: Jahonnews.uz