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17:26 / 07.05.2016 1109

Huawei launches its own virtual reality glasses

China’s Huawei announced its entry into the world of mobile virtual reality with multiple versions of a Gear VR-like headset called “Huawei VR”.
Huawei unveiled Huawei VR at a Shanghai launch event for the P9 and P9 Plus smartphones.

The hardware shares very similar features to products that are already on the market, as it can be used to view 360 degree movies and can play VR games. Much like the Gear VR, there’s a touchpad on the right side of the headset that can be used to control software elements, which is accompanied by a back button just above it.

There’s also a focus ring on the top of the headset. One of the big trade-offs with Huawei’s hardware though is that the two P9 models only have 1080p displays, which is a notably lower resolution at this close range that the QHD displays offered by Samsung’s phones.

Content-wise, the Huawei VR will launch with a ton of content including a host of movies, 360 videos, games, panoramic images and panoramic tours to check out in-headset.

Source:  Uzdaily.com