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Indian expert: Reforms in Uzbekistan can serve as a model for other countries

he dynamics of prosperity of Uzbekistan over the years of independence demonstrates the effectiveness of the reforms of Uzbek model developed by President Islam Karimov. The strategy of construction a democratic state based on a market economy, has become a solid foundation for all practical measures taken in the country, as well as the main driving force the development of society.

Professor Aman Agarwal, Director of the Indian Institute of Finance said in the interview with information agency "Jahon" in New Delhi. The interviewee noted that wide-ranging reforms carried out in Uzbekistan aimed at the development of small and private businesses that can serve as a model for other countries.

- Thanks to the well thought-out and forward-looking strategy of the state Uzbekistan over the past eleven years maintains the level of GDP growth of 8%, despite the ongoing crisis in the global economy.

After reviewing the results of social-economic development of the republic for the first quarter of the current year and evaluating the implementation of the major directions and priorities of economic program for 2016, I was once again convinced that in your country the process of renovation of all sectors of the economy is going on, and implemented reforms give significant results.

Over several years I have been analyzing a course of economic development of Uzbekistan. It is encouraging that in the first quarter of 2016 created 8.4 thousand new small businesses and it totals more than the same period of last year by 5.5%. During this period small businesses are given bank loans in the amount of 3.6 trillion soums, with increase by 1.3 times in the first quarter of 2015.

Source: Jahonnews.uz