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Innovations in healthcare

The software market in our country is represented by various innovative applications, which allow to improve and automate management processes. One of such software products is MedData automated information system, developed by Bepro developers centre for medical institutions.

MedData is installed in 14 polyclinics in Sirdarya region, 4 in Yakkasaray district of Tashkent as well as at the Republican perinatal centre.

The resolution of President Islam Karimov "On measures on further implementation and development of modern information-communication technologies" dated from 21 March 2012 has served as an important factor in improving activities in this sphere.

- The system has two interfaces– "Polyclinic" and «Hospital», - says Irina Berger, a project manager at Bepro developers centre. - For example, such modules as "Registry", "Doctor", "Statistics" are available for polyclinics. Each employee will have an account with relevant access to database. In particular, the registry personnel will have access to diary of each doctor, the doctor will have access to patient's files and records.

As noted by representatives of medical institutions, which have installed MedData information system, application of the newest ICT tools in healthcare eases the procedures for both patients and medical workers.

- In most cases, a patient spends more time on procedures not related to medical examination or treatment, - says leading ICT specialist at the Republic perinatal centre Pavel Kim. - For example, a patient waits in the registry, in the queue before doctor's cabinet, during fill-out of forms and receipts. Introduction of MedData system has substantially improved this process. In particular, all medical records of patients have been transferred into machine-readable format, registry's work has been automated.

Muhammad Qarshiboyev, UzA