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17:06 / 07.05.2016 1403

"MAN AUTO-UZBEKISTAN" starts production of new concrete mixer truck

The joint venture "MAN AUTO-UZBEKISTAN” has started the production of new concrete mixer truck MAN TGS 41.400 8X4 BB M072 with a nominal volume of 10 m3 with a discharge of "backward" through the hydraulic drive.

The car is designed to deliver ready-mixed concrete to consumers with preservation of its properties during its transit up to unloading at the place of installation. Safety and homogeneity of the concrete mix during transport is ensured by the rotation of the drum. Inside of drum, there is a spiral blade. When rotated in one direction (loading and transportation) blade driven deeper into the mix drum. When rotated in the other direction (when unloading), it uses Screw of Archimedes mechanism, through which the mixture is discharged.

The car has a powerful economical engine MAN D20 with a modern fuel injection Common Rail, 16-speed manual gear box, reinforced spring suspension, drum brakes with ABS, electronic monitoring systems, and a comfortable cabin.

Source: Jahonnews.uz