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Photojournalist of Jahon Information Agency is awarded National Award "Oltin Qalam"

On May 3 the Palace of "Turkistan" hosted the solemn ceremony of prize winners of the competition for the XI National Award in the field of journalism "Oltin Qalam" ( "Golden Pen"). The photo correspondent of Jahon Information Agency Anvar Ilyasov is recognized as the winner in the nomination "For the best photo essay".

Anvar Ilyasov - a graduate of the journalism faculty of the Tashkent State University (now National University of Uzbekistan). He began his career in the newspapers "Youth of Uzbekistan" and "Truth of Tashkent". Since 1996 A.Ilyasov has been working as a photojournalist of Jahon Information Agency. In 2004 the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan has recognized A.Ilyasov as the best sports photographer for the country. In 2015 at the international competition of sports journalism "Energy of victories" which was held in Moscow he won first place in the nomination "The best photo essay". Name of A.Ilyasova is widely known not only in Uzbekistan, but also far beyond. His photo essays is published in local media and leading print and electronic media abroad.

The event is attended by senators, deputies, representatives of various ministries and departments, public organizations, members of the press services, media representatives accredited in our country, the diplomatic corps and international organizations.

Deputy Chairman of the Creative Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan, chairman of the organizing committee of the international competition for the XI National Award "Oltin Qalam" U.Mirzayorov and others noted that under the leadership of President Islam Karimov in our country the media has been advancing, it is providing full support to journalists that inspires employees for the achievement of new creative boundaries.

In accordance with the Concept of further deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country national laws relating to the media have been improved. Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the openness of public and management authorities" serves to ensure the full rights of citizens in the sphere of information, enhance the accountability of public authorities and management bodies to improve the quality of decisions, public awareness of their activities.

The international competition for the National Award "Oltin Qalam" established on the initiative of the President of our country plays an important role in the further development of the sphere. This competition dedicated to the World Press Freedom Day is conducted by the Creative Union of Journalists of Uzbekistan, Journalists Training Center together with the Public Fund for Support and Development of Independent Print Media and Information Agencies of Uzbekistan, the National Association of Electronic Mass Media, the National TV and Radio Company, the Ministry of Culture and Sports, news agency "Uzreport" and the Council of Federation of Trade Unions.

The competition covers the areas of television, radio, print media and online journalism. It was established one major national award, three in each direction, the rewards on the nomination "The best press-service" and "For the best photo".

The competition "Oltin Qalam" has been attended by about 5000 journalists with nearly 70 thousands of creative materials over the years. In this time there are 510 nominees with about 8,500 materials.

At the international competition for the XI National Award "Oltin Qalam" identified the owner of a major national award winners in the television lines, radio, print media and online journalism, as well as the winners of consolation prizes "Best press-service", "For the best photo ".

The Women's Committee of Uzbekistan, the Council of Federation of Trade Unions, Public Fund for Support and Development of Independent Print Media and News Agencies of Uzbekistan established their promotional prize as a part of the contest. Information UN representative office in Uzbekistan, UNESCO Office, USAID, the organization "Regional Dialogue" (Slovenia), International Association of Public Universities in Germany also issued their consolation prizes in the competition for the National Award "Oltin Qalam".

This creative project is financed by the Public Fund for Support of NGOs and other civil society institutions under the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The State Unitary Enterprise "Tashkent TV channel’ is awarded the main national prize of the international competition at the XI National Award "Oltin qalam". The winner is awarded a special diploma, the sign "Oltin qalam", a statuette and a cash prize in the amount of 200 minimum wages.

Source: Jahonnews.uz