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17:04 / 07.05.2016 478

Russian edition: Elections in Uzbekistan to the citizen's gatherings have turned into a genuine school of democracy

An article, posted on the electronic portal of the Russian edition - Information Agency "Socioglobus", introduces readers with the upcoming elections of chairmen (aksakals) of citizens' gatherings and their advisers in Uzbekistan in May-June of this year.

The publication notes that a system of safeguards to ensure the participation of citizens in public administration, independent decision making process of local issues through the unique institution of mahalla established in past years in the country. A solid regulatory foundation was created. In particular, Article 32 of the Constitution of Uzbekistan fixed the norm that citizens have the right to participate in managing the affairs of state and society, directly and through their representatives.

"In turn, the organizational and legal bases of self-government bodies are reflected in the article 105 of the Basic Law, the news agency informs.

As noted in the article, fundamentally new stage in the improvement of the foundations of the activities of mahallas revealed the Concept of further deepening of democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country, put forward by President Islam Karimov in 2010.

The next elections to the communities will be conducted in May and June of this year in the result of which 9764 aksakals and over 99 thousands of their councilors will be elected. In this regard, the Action Plan on organization and conducting of this important event approved and implemented informs the Russian edition.

The practice of the past years shows that the elections to the citizens' gatherings have turned into a genuine school of democracy, raising legal awareness, political and legal culture of the population and have become an important link in the implementation of the principle "From a strong state to the strong civil society".

Source: Jahonnews.uz