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Smart classrooms for progressive students

The times when a teacher explained students every topic with the help of a black board and a chalk is sinking into oblivion. The ever-growing number of disciplines requires the application of modern information-communication technologies.

The most modern trend in technical equipment of educational institutions is the opening of Smart Classrooms. One such class was opened recently at one of the schools in the city, and now one such lecture room was set up at the Tashkent State Economic University.

The Smart Classroom is fitted out with a board, overhead projector, sensor monitor, a scanner and i-pads. Thanks to an available camera and sound recorder students are able to review their recorded lectures, including in remote mode.

“We often discuss the problem of utilization of all three channels of information perception in the classes: auditory, visual and kinesthetic. It’s almost impossible to apply them simultaneously. Two of those reasons include lack of visual aids and absence of a concrete pedagogue’s experience in those three information transfer channels. An interactive screen helps us in this. It enables to widely utilize all perception channels: diversity of color range, animation effects, attached video files, which all together attract and maintain students’ attention,” says deputy rector on academic work Bakhtiyor Usmonov. “The equipment in the new classroom is a modern and multifunctional tool in the hand of a creative pedagogue striving to bring up better educated more successful and motivated students.”

 Smart Classroom is much more than simply a classroom fitted out with an interactive board. It provides an opportunity to conduct lessons without traditional note books and pens; they fully substitute computer technologies and expand the potential of bоth a student and a tutor. In particular, students may download all necessary information to their personal information carriers, while their teachers do not confine themselves to material available in the system.

  Other classrooms are also planned to be fitted out with similar equipment at the Tashkent State Economic University.