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To the professionals for legal assistance

Experts of the Ministry of Justice presented to journalists of national media Statistics on the provision of  legal services to citizens in a regular press conference.

In our country non-governmental organizations engage protection of  human rights along with government agencies, the special role belongs to the legal profession. Over the years of independence implemented consistent organizational and legal measures to strengthen the guarantees of the independence of this institution, status and prestige of the profession, ensure citizens' access to qualified legal assistance. In this case were adopted three laws five decisions of the Cabinet and the nine departmental regulatory acts.

Nowadays in the country 3836 lawyers provide consulting services to individuals and legal entities. Agreements on participation in criminal, business processes and the provision of aids in this sphere amounted for more than 165,000 in 2015.

Notaries and registry offices often help citizens in solving of legal issues. Significant transformations are conducted to encourage the further development in this sphere. First of all, the material and technical conditions are being improved. In the framework, modern buildings and office equipment are being provided. For example, 41 new buildings for the registry offices were built in 2013-2015 in the country, 39 – were overhauled.

System of selection and recruit of notaries by qualified personnel was reformed. Since July 2016 the applicants for the position of notary will pass test to determine their level of knowledge in the social, legal and economic fields, foreign languages, information and communication technologies. The experts need to go for refresher courses of the professional qualifications once every three years. On the official websites of the Ministry of Justice and its territorial bodies an electronic calculator program was created for additional facilities to individuals and legal persons, which carrying out state duty payment for notarial actions, the cost of paid services and stamp duties.

During 2015 the registrar's offices have noted more than 287,000 marriages. Over 580 thousand people are given directions to a medical examination. About six thousand preventive seminars and conversations were organized, which explaining its importance to the health of the family`s future.

Source: Jahonnews.uz