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17:00 / 07.05.2016 459

UZMOBILE starts project on improving communication quality in premises

 National mobile communication operator UZMOBILE launched a project on improving quality of communication within the premises with use of modern technologies, which have no analogues in Uzbekistan.
According to the operator, the company started to install equipment of base stations (Lamp Site) with distributed architecture of radio transferring part within the large premises such as trade center, exhibition centers, business centers, office buildings, etc, the operator said.

The innovative solution consists of radio blocks with internal antennas, which have compact size and placed on the ceiling or wall.

Lamp Site is a base station, connected to existing controller of base station, which allows to achieve high synergy of networks within and outside of the premises.

UZMOBILE said that the project is implemented in cooperation with TShTT, which is a subsidiary of Uzbektelecom.

UZMOBILE already installed such equipment at Samarqand Darvoza mall in Tashkent. The operator plans to install equipment in socially important places and places with the large number of population.

Source:  Uzdaily.com