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15:28 / 14.05.2016 446

Chinese experts to study projects within ASBP-3

The Government of Uzbekistan and the Government of China signed exchange notes on directing complex expedition of the Chinese experts to study projects within the Programme on providing assistance to the countries of the Aral Sea Basin - 3 (ASBP-3).
According to the Pravda Vostoka newspaper, the study will be conducted due to grants in line with the agreement between Uzbekistan and China on technical-economic cooperation deom 3 November 2007.

In the result of the expedition, the Chinese experts are planning to select priority projects, directed at improving ecologic and social-economic situation in Aras Sea Basin in order to prepare feasibility studies of the projects and their stage-by-stage implementation.

The projects will be aimed at mitigating ecologic situation in Aral Sea Basin via creation of forests, which decrease spread of salts and dust, as well as rehabilitate bio diversity and develop fishing.

Source:  Uzdaily.com