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"Elections to the gathering of citizens is the real school of democracy"

As you know, on May and June this year are determined as the time of the next elections of chairpersons of citizens' assemblies and their advisers. This important socio-political event in Uzbekistan is reflected in the pages of the foreign media.

In particular, the German electronic portals Presse Echo and Live-PR noted that the election of the assets of citizens' assemblies are the real school of democracy, as evidenced by increasing legal awareness and political and legal culture of the population.

It is emphasized that the special commission was established for organizing these elections at the high level. They carried out extensive work in the territory of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, all areas of the capital, districts and cities. They ensure the legislative execution, coordinate activities involved structures, receive from them the documents about candidates, conduct explanatory work among the population.

At the same time, materials reported on the activities of the working groups on the preparation and conduct of elections in mahallas. German media informed that these groups determine the date, time and place of the gathering of citizens, establish the voting day and report it to the relevant committee, as well as carry out explanatory work among the population, studying voter opinions to prepare proposals for candidates for positions of responsibility.

Special attention is paid to the role of mahalla in the implementation of government programs to address social support of the population, the development of private entrepreneurship and family businesses, increasing the well-being of people by promoting their employment, strengthening the basic unit of society, the education of harmoniously developed generation.

Source: Jahonnews.uz