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Lee Wook-Heon: I will never forget the fabulous landscapes of Uzbekistan

Uzbek-Korean cooperation has been exemplary. This was suggested by South Korea’s Ambassador Lee Wook-Heon, who is concluding his mission to Uzbekistan.

Summing up the results of his activities, the diplomat noted with satisfaction that “the cooperation that the Republic of Korea and Uzbekistan are carrying out today across many areas is exemplary.” The ambassador said, singling out the key points of his work in Uzbekistan, that the most important events of the past three years, when he served as chief of the diplomatic mission, were mutual visits by heads of the two states in June 2014 and May 2015.

“They once again clearly demonstrated that, despite the passage of time, the relationship between the two countries continue to be very important to each other. In practice, a lot of mutually advantageous agreements have been reached between the governments and enterprises of bоth nations, and which are being successfully implemented. In particular, the successful construction of the Ustyurt Gas Chemical Complex is going to remain as a great stride in the history of bilateral relations. I personally had the privilege to witness the commencement ceremony of construction works at the Complex with the participation of Presidents of our two countries, back in August 2011. With support fr om the two governments, thanks to the efforts and assistance of respective companies, soon we will be able to observe the official ceremony of completion of the project. But our countries are not going to stop there. Close cooperation between Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea will continue in areas such as energy resources, automotive and textile industries, finance and ICT sectors, e-government and many others. In Uzbekistan, there are 400 Korean companies developing mutually beneficial business by creating tens of thousands of jobs and spreading advanced technologies of management and know-how. I want to express my deep gratitude for the confidence displayed towards Korean entrepreneurs.

“Important project was that which set up a professional training center wh ere South Korea shares with Uzbek youths her experience and technologies garnered in the course of her development. My memory will forever have projects constituting symbols of cooperation and trust between the two countries: the project of computerization of the education sector, construction of children’s hospital, as well as a new terminal of Tashkent International Airport, the launch of which is just around the corner. But what I will never forget is the amazing nature of Uzbekistan, its rich cultural heritage and, of course, hospitable and open people.

“During my stay in Uzbekistan, I traveled to all regions and admired the fertile fields, rivers and mountains. I also had the good fortune to enjoy the familiarization with brilliant cultural monuments, whose preservation is the duty of all mankind. Thanks to the care and love of the 180,000-big Korean Diaspora, in Uzbekistan I always felt as if I live here with my family and relatives.”

Source: Jahonnews.uz