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12:23 / 14.05.2016 574

Memorial Evening Dedicated to the Uzbek Composer M. Burkhanov

A memorial evening dedicated to the 100th anniversary of People's Artist of Uzbekistan, the famous composer M. Burkhanov held in the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan. 

It was attended by musicologists, performers, students and representatives of the general public. 

Great attention is paid under the leadership of the President of our country to increasing spirituality of young people, education and upbringing them in the spirit of love for the motherland, faithfulness to the ideas of independence and respect for national traditions and values.

Mutal Burhanov was one of the founders of the Uzbek school of composers. He made a great contribution to the development of national music. Having passed a difficult way of life, he created a lot of highly artistic works in various genres.

M.Burhanov - one of the founders of the romance and acapellas genres in Uzbek music, arranger of songs of the peoples of the East, at the same time able to preserve the beauty and charm of folk music. Composer's romances are melodic and give serenity to listeners. Musical works, created by Mutal Burhanov for movies, close to people because of their enthusiasm.

Each work of the composer evokes in us a sense of love for the motherland, native land, and pride in the fact that we are the children of this country. All this is even more clearly displayed during the performance of the National Anthem of Uzbekistan.

Mutal Burhanov, who devoted his entire life to art and bravely overcame the trials of fate, he was demanding and caring mentor for youth.

In the memory of M.Burhanov, concert of his works was held at the event. 

Nazokat Usmanova, photo by Temur Mamadaminov, UzA