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"Uzagrosugurta" JSC holds contest for journalists

Nowadays the current state of the insurance market, as well as the services of the company, consumers mostly learn through the media. In turn, the provision of accurate, reliable and timely information depends on the experience and professionalism of journalists. In order to promote the activities of the media and to promote the insurance sphere Joint Stock Company "Uzagrosugurta" is conducting a contest entitled "Insurance through eyes of journalists".

The winners will be determined in four categories - "The best video on TV", "The best publication in newspapers and magazines", "The best material on the radio" and "The best material posted on the Internet resources." The contest is open to journalists who provided their work on the theme "The role of insurance as well as the development and popularization of insurance services among the population".

- This contest is organized by "Uzagrosugurta" JSC for the first time and is conducted among journalists. The Expert Council of the contest will determine one winner in each category and will announce the results on the eve of the Day of the press and media professionals, - said the chief specialist of the Department of strategic development, marketing and quality management of "Uzagrosugurta" JSC, Sherzod Islomov.

To take part in the contest, a representative of the media can give the company one or more works aired on television, radio or published on print and Internet resources before 10 June 2016. The winners will receive diplomas and valuable gifts from "Uzagrosugurta" JSC.

Source: Jahonnews.uz