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Winners Identified

The session of the Parliamentary Commission on the management of resources of the Public Fund in support of NGOs and other civil society institutions under the Oliy Majlis has summed up the results of the first and the second grant contests for projects aimed at the implementation of the tasks outlined in the State program “The Year of Healthy Mother and Child”.

About 400 projects were presented to the contest from 353 NGOs, mass media and other civil society institutions. Their number has increased by 14,5% compared with the previous year. 

45 projects targeted at raising the level of public medical awareness, ensuring the interests and employment of women and consolidation the institution of family were recognized as winners of the first contest. 1.1 billion soums were allocated for their financing.

A decision was taken on allocation of 750 million soums in support of 30 projects aimed at covering socio-economic reforms, ensuring the openness of government agencies, and the role and place of the institute of mahalla in the life of society by mass media.

The parliamentary commission announced a decision on conducting the third and fourth grant contests for the purpose of raising the level of legal culture of society, bringing up a harmoniously advanced generation, involvement professional college graduates into the entrepreneurial activity and development of family business, especially in rural areas. Projects on the realization of practical moves on social adaptation of children with limited opportunities and their involvement in sports, science and art will get the government support. The civil society institutions plan to render methodological assistance in preparing socially-significant projects.

The session approved a program of measures on strengthening social partnership in the society and discussed the main directions in the perfection of public commissions activities on social partnership under the regional Kengashes (Councils) of people’s deputies. 

Source: Jahonnews.uz