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Huawei launches HAINA project in cooperation with TUIT

 Huawei Tech Investment Tashkent LLC in cooperation with Tashkent University of Information Technology announces launching of new research and educational project - HAINA (Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy), which will serve in a role of Huawei academy on preparation professionals in informational and network technologies.
Based on above Huawei and TUIT decided to sign MOU for further implementation of the stated project.

This project is initiated for the first time in the Huawei Central Asia Region and will be considered as a unique for its Specialized Centre for Personnel Certification which will be established by TUIT in ITC and IT spheres. HAINA will be a bridge between ICT industry and young talents in Uzbekistan, who are willing to work and improve in this direction. This project has the following purposes: a) Cooperation with the best local Institutes of Higher Education; b) Mutual cultivation of talents in the ICT sphere; c) ICT industry promotion; d) Talent release.

Huawei Authorized Information and Network Academy (HAINA) is a non-profit partnership program that authorizes universities and colleges to deliver Huawei Certification courses to their students. The students who graduate from the HAINA program are encouraged to attain Huawei Certification in support of a subsequent career in the ICT industry.

Huawei believes that knowledge will create opportunities to support effective and sustainable growth. Through the HAINA program, Huawei will contribute support to local ICT education, share knowledge, create more opportunities, and build a better ICT talent eco-system.

Based on its industry leading ICT technologies and global ICT practices, Huawei has developed a full range of ICT career certifications. The HAINA program includes the following certification paths: HCNA/P-R&S, HCNA/P-WLAN, HCNA/P-Security, HCNA/P-Storage and HCNA/P-Cloud Computing.

Within the scope of present project, it is planned to set up research-training courses with the following subjects: 1) IP network course, which is to give the knowledge and skills, required to create and control minor and middle network sizes; 2) Network security course is aiming to create infrastructure for professionals in the security system sphere; 3) IT network courses confirm knowledge and the possibility to create network independently, by means of Huawei IT- devices; 4) CT network courses and Online training for New ICT, where Huawei arranges online mode training related to new ICT.

Meantime, this project means creation of leading ICT – educational labs, teachers’ training, educational software design and authentication, consulting on training center implementation, as well as project information exchange among the state organizations.

“Huawei is globally notable for paying special attention to research study and development in ICT and Mobile Technologies. Having been working in Uzbekistan for moreover than 15 years and being one of the most innovative brand, Huawei is one of the first who launched “e-Education – First Phase” Project. As a result of deployment “National network of E-Education» project about 80 institutes of higher education (including Ministry of higher education, “Iste'dod” foundation and 3 Centers) as well as 84 objects of higher education were connected to unified corporate network of “e-Education” with the speed up to 1 Gbit/sec. In every institute there were created multimedia lecture halls on the basis of Huawei SCS. Now we decided to move on and establish Certified Training Center on the basis of Huawei Academy of IT and Network technologies which would develop young talents in ICT and network security. These specialists will be able to make contribution in the future of ICT industry and the country overall”, Mr. Wang Peng the CEO of “Huawei Tech Investment Tashkent” , commented this project.

Public launch of HAINA project is planned for September 2016, as a particular gift to 25th anniversary of Uzbekistan Independency.

Source:  Uzdaily.com