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Window Dressing

The Ministry of Labor introduces innovative personnel selection methods, which practically reduced to zero level the risks associated with employing incidental persons.  

Stands have been installed in the pavilion where potential employees have an opportunity to demonstrate their skills. For example, electricians laid out electric cabling and installed a chandelier in an apartment ceiling imitator. Some other candidates laminated another stand. Welders had speedily welded a bearing structure for construction of an apartment, which was instantly used by civil engineers in the next-door stand.

Job fair is one of the most efficient methods of establishing a contact between an employer and a candidate. But the employer cannot assess sufficiently the qualification of a potential employee. The Ministry of Labor has approached this issue with great resolve.

A pilot festival contest “The best specialist” was held in Samarkand. It combined in itself the job fair and the demonstration of contenders’ professional capabilities. 

More than 13,000 college graduates and representatives of 972 enterprises of the region were invited to take part in the pilot project. About 13 thousand quadripartite agreements were signed as a result of the contest. The Ministry of Labor will expand the geography of its initiative within feasible future. 

Source: Jahonnews.uz