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11:44 / 28.05.2016 832

German weekly magazine appreciates the music education system in Uzbekistan

As previously reported, the German town of Schwetzingen (Baden-Württemberg) hosted a joint concert of Uzbek and German classical musicians. The event was organized by the Consulate General of our country in Frankfurt, together with the administration of Schwetzingen and local music school.

This event was widely reported in the German press. In particular, in an article published in the weekly Schwetzinger Woche, journal of Baden-Württemberg federal state, it is reported that in a historic castle Palais Hirsch Schwetzingen works of German and Uzbek classics were voiced, the "master class" for children and adolescents was organized.

In the article system of music education of our country is highly appreciated. It is noted, in particular, the activities of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan - a unique institution in the region, which taught the world the art of music at the highest professional level, and held more than 300 concerts of classical music in the year.

It is emphasized that the comprehensive development of talents and raising the cultural level of the younger generation, the creation of the necessary conditions for a wide introducing them to high samples of national and world music is one of the priorities of the education system in Uzbekistan. A clear evidence of this are the many young Uzbek musicians win prestigious international contests and festivals.

Source: Jahonnews.uz