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12:04 / 28.05.2016 575

Turkish mass media: peace-loving policy of Uzbekistan deserves respect

Opinions of the President Islam Karimov voiced during the meeting with the press of Uzbekistan on the occasion of Remembrance and honor day, are actively discussed by the expert and journalistic communities abroad.

Turkish mass media is not the exception. The materials of the broadcasting company TRT Avaz, dailies Haberler, Mamleket, Gazetechi, Fitrat Haber stressed that peace-loving policy of Uzbekistan deserves respect and support against the ambiguous events occurred in the world.

President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov quoted in information reports that the people are alive and eternal owing to historical memory. In this context, the Turkish mass media noted that the perpetuation of the memory of ancestors, continuing their noble causes, rendering all-round care after the older generation are the features of the Uzbek people.

Representatives of Turkish expert and analytical circles appreciate the statements of the head of our state.

In particular, Director of Center for Strategic Studies at University of Economics and Technology Ihsan Chomak mentioned:

– Sincere words of the leader of Uzbekistan made a strong impression on me. Really, the war - is a terrible disaster for humanity and its prevention, supplying of peace and stability is the duty of each of us.

The thesis of Islam Karimov relating to the fact that peace and tranquility is the basis of all constructive achievements. Unable to refute that this words of the statesman who cares of the welfare not only of his people but the international community entirely.

Source: Jahonnews.uz