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12:12 / 28.05.2016 518

"Uzagrosugurta" grants insurance policies to young entrepreneurs

Our country pays great attention to the employment of graduates of professional colleges and academic lyceums, as well as to work towards building their entrepreneurial skills. In particular, the competition "My business idea" conducted by the Central Council "Kamolot" together with the Ministry of higher and secondary special education, as well as a number of commercial banks has contributed to support the various initiatives of young entrepreneurs. Hereby, the insurance protection to them is provided by JSC "Uzagrosugurta".

The competition "My business idea" has been held on the national scale since 2011. At various stages of this year's competition, there were thousands of events held for over 187 thousand graduates of professional colleges and academic lyceums. In particular, seminars have been organized on topics such as "Developing marketing strategy" "Market segmentation", "Credit policy of commercial banks", "Psychology of entrepreneurship" and "Business plan presentation art ".

It is worth to note that the most promising ideas presented by 150 active youth from all corners of the Republic have reached the final part of the competition. Among them, more than a hundred are projects for the production of shoes, clothes, pottery and others.

A victory in this competition allows young entrepreneurs to get bank loans without collateral, while "Kamolot" acts as the guarantor.

In addition, 16 winners of the competition received diplomas of "Uzagrosugurta" entitling to receive insurance policy under the insurance product aimed at protecting young entrepreneurs from the risk of loan default.

In general, to finance the business plans of more than 50 young men and women winning this competition, banks will allocate preferential loans for a total amount of 640 million soums.

Source: Jahonnews.uz