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12:27 / 28.05.2016 859

Uzbekistan plans to save over 500m KWH of electricity in 2016

Uzbekistan is planning to save over 500 million KWG of electricity and 150 million cubic meters of natural gas due to implementation of measures on reduction of energy reduction in 2016.
According to the Ministry of Economy of Uzbekistan, about 250.1 million KWH of electricity, 3 million cubic meters of energy and 20.1 Gcal of heating energy will be saved due to introduction of renewable sources of energy in basic sectors of economy.

Ministry of Economy and World Bank are implementing Energy Efficiency Facility for Industrial Enterprises Project. The project envisages a mechanism of crediting of industrial enterprises on modernization of their production capacities.

Over 30 projects of Uzbekistan, operating in oil and gas, mining and metallurgy, chemical, construction, processing and power industries, are participating in the project. They realize some 80 sub-projects.

Successful realization of these projects will allow to save up to 540 million KWH of electricity and 252 million cubic meters of gas.

Source:  Uzdaily.com