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"Vatandosh": The Uzbek people showed the best human qualities during the war
11:18 / 28.05.2016

Newspaper "Vatandosh", which is published in the USA, posted on the pages of his publication of information material about the conversation of the President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov met with representatives of the Uzbek media on the occasion of May 9 - Day of Remembrance and Honor.

According to the publication, the President noted that this date will be remembered as a memorable day, that among the thousands and thousands of people of different nationalities who have shown courage and perseverance in the conquest of the victory over fascism, and there were many of our compatriots. "338 Uzbeks have been awarded the title of Hero, thousands were awarded military orders and medals", the newspaper quoted Islam Karimov.

The article notes Uzbek people's contribution to the fight against fascism and immeasurable loss. It is reported that the population of Uzbekistan at the beginning of the war amounted to about 6.5 million people, including 1.5 million participated in the battles. If we consider that more than 500 thousand of them were killed in the war, many returned to the disabled, and the set - missing, it is self-evident how costly Uzbekistan this victory.

Singling out the kindness and mercy as the most noble qualities of the Uzbek people, the publication points out that "the population of the republic took about one million evacuated children, women and old people. They shared with them the last piece of bread and shelter, which was the highest manifestation of the best human qualities of generosity and magnanimity of the people".

The article also notes that 17 years ago, Uzbekistan announced May 9 Day of Remembrance and Honor. This name finds its clearest reflection of these two mutually complementary, inseparable noble concepts like memory and reverence. In capital, Republic of Karakalpakstan, regions and districts Squares of Memory had been created, where memorials of Sorrowful Mother are set up.

Today, the author writes, Uzbekistan clearly stated long-term goals and objectives, including an increase in the gross domestic product more than doubled in 2030. This strengthens confidence in the future. "Of course, the country is in no way yield to the most developed countries, living freely and safely peoples of the world in prosperity, and improving the quality of life of the people", the newspaper concludes.

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