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Vegetables Go to Export

By the end of 2020, Uzbekistan has planned to carry out 180 investment projects totaling $596 million and focusing on the development of the feedstock capacity, intensification of deep processing of fruits and vegetables, meat and dairy products, and scale-up of production and exports of food products.

In the conditions of toughening competition in the global market, Uzbekistan regards the introduction of advanced technologies in the industry as a priority, because the production of products in line with customer requirements is impossible without efficient and cost-effective equipment.

Therefore, the enterprises under the O’zbekozikovkatholding have been actively working on a phased replacement of worn-out equipment. This, in turn, enhances productivity, allows reducing raw and auxiliary materials costs, saves energy and other natural resources, which ultimately helps to reduce production costs.

It is noteworthy that 74 projects will be implemented through foreign direct investment and loans of international financial institutions, totaling more than $163 million. As commented by O’zbekoziqovqatholding, 108 investment projects on the development of food industry, totaling over $428.7 million, have already been launched.

To date, the initiators of 22 projects have already started construction works on industrial facilities, 17 projects are currently in process of search and selection of the equipment they need, and conclusion of delivery contracts. Local municipalities have taken resolutions on allocation of land for new facilities in 12 cases, and 21 projects are completing the development of design and estimate documentation.

The establishment of trade and logistics centers specializing in storage, processing and export of fruits and vegetables in the regions is another focus of the investment policy of the company. The related works have already been launched in 10 regions and in Karakalpakstan. Municipalities have already allocated land, and project initiators are currently developing the design and estimate documentation, project funding and selection of technological equipment.

They have concluded 176 long-term and short-term contracts with foreign partners and enterprises for the delivery of more than 1.27 million tons of domestically grown fruits and vegetables. The total value of the contracts that have been signed by the foreign trade company Uzagroeksport, which specializes in exporting fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products, has exceeded $1.37 billion.

In pursuance of the obligations in the domestic and foreign markets, the government, in turn, has concluded contracts on purchasing from farmers 1.56 million tons of fruit, vegetables, potatoes, melons and grapes, 906,000 tons of which fall to O’zbekozikovkatholding, and 495,000 tons – for Uzagroeksport.

In the next few years, Uzbekistan intends to upscale exports of fresh and processed fruit and vegetable products by more than 2.7 times, including canned food, concentrates and juices – by 2.5 times. These targets will be achieved through a complete restructure of the foreign supplies system.

Source: Jahonnews.uz