At the initiative of the People’s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (PDPU) deputies of the Legislative chamber of Oliy Majlis listened to information presented by Minister of Healthcare A.Olimov on the activities aimed at protecting the health of the population.

It was noted at the session that the reforms carried out in the country’s system of healthcare had raised to a new level the quality of rendered medical services, which is of major significance in further consolidating the health of citizens. The undertaken measures on shaping a healthy way of life, strengthening families, and securing protection of motherhood and childhood promote health and improve the living standard of the population. Solid legal foundation had been set up for that, and it is being continuously improved. The elaboration and adoption of the State program “The Year of Healthy Mother and Child” served as an important stage in further raising the efficiency of activities carried out in this direction.

The deputies specifically noted that the Government provides guarantees of the citizens’ rights to healthcare on the basis of accessibility of medical services and social protection of all strata of population, adopts systemic measures on reforming the system of healthcare and increases budgetary allocations into this sphere. 

The parliamentarians reviewed the process of implementing the laws in the field of protecting the health of population, among them the Law “On psychiatric assistance” within the framework of which assistance is rendered to the population, including medical examination, medical and social rehabilitation, as well as raising the level of relevant establishments’ performance efficiency. 

The deputies provided practical recommendations aimed at strengthening the material-technical basis and personnel potential, bringing up the efficiency of certain establishments and improving the quality of work on the prevention and treatment of diseases.

The committees of the Legislative chamber were proposed to take a thorough inventory of legislation and come out with proposals on its improvement and enforcement of law practices in this sphere.