The city stage of the Republican contest “Yurt kelajagi” (The future of the country) held in Tashkent. 

At the event, organized jointly by the Public Youth Movement “Kamolot”, the ministries of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, Culture and Sport Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, it was noted that special attention, paid under the leadership of the President of our country to the support and stimulation of talented young men and women, is reflected in receiving knowledge at the level of the requirements of the time and the demonstration of talent and potential of youth.

This competition is also an important factor in cohesion of the younger generation around good ideas, identification of talented youth, support for their aspirations and initiatives. The Tashkent city stage of the competition was attended by about 800 participants that had won the district stages.

Young men and women aged 15 to 25 years old demonstrated their skills and potential in directions such as architecture and design, fashion design, information technology, rationalization proposals and technical developments, fine and applied art, proposals for improving the socio-economic reforms, literature and journalism.

At the Youth Creativity Palace were presented chosen works of a group of young people, engaged in the creative activity in areas of architecture and design, fashion design, fine arts and crafts.

Unique, elegant pieces, made on the basis of wood carving by the young master Murodulla Rojiboev, attracted the attention of participants.

At the event, members of the jury, representatives of culture and art, as well as organizers evaluated the ability of young talents. At the end of the contest, winners were awarded with diplomas and certificates, and were given the right to participate in the republican stage of the competition.