The Tennis Tournament, which is part of the calendar of tournaments of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), kicked off in Namangan.

The event is attended by about 200 tennis players from Uzbekistan, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Australia, Belarus, Georgia, Slovakia, India, Chinese Taipei, Kazakhstan and Turkey. 

Nigina Abduraimova, Sabina Sharipova, Sarvinoz Saidhodjaeva, Guzal Yusupova, Sanjar Faiziev, Shonigmatjon Shofayziev, Temur Ismoilov, Sharofiddin Abzalov protect the honor of our country. 

On the first day of competitions, Sabina Sharipova defeated compatriot Arina Folts. In junior competitions, Sanjar Faiziev won over Timur Khabibulin from Kazakhstan. 

In doubles, Shonigmatjon Shofayziev with Dmitry Surchenko from Russia won over the Russians Kirill Komarov and Alexander Lobkov with the score 6:3. Our tennis player Sharofiddin Abzalov paired with Russian Alexei Filenko defeated duo from Kazakhstan Sagadat Ayap and Jansultan Chembotaev with a score of 6:4, 6:3.