Special attention under the leadership of the President of our country is paid to education and upbringing of physical and mental healthy young generation, strengthening in the hearts of young men and women feelings of love for the Motherland, loyalty to the ideas of Independence and respect for national values, support and stimulation of young talents. 

In Fergana region over the past years has been also built modern educational institutions, magnificent sports facilities. Major repairs were conducted at the Fergana State University, Fergana Polytechnic Institute. Young people are inspired to achieve new goals by these created opportunities and conditions. Boys and girls, showing their talents in various prestigious contests and competitions, Olympiads, defend the honor of our Motherland in the international scale. 

It was particularly noted in the Fergana regional stage of the contest “Yurt kelajagi” (The future of the country) conducted by the ministries of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, Culture and Sport Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan jointly with Public Youth Movement “Kamolot”. 

On the regional stage of the competition, aimed at rallying the young generation towards a common goal, the identification and promotion of young talents, 357 talented and initiative young men and women competed in directions such as architecture and design, information technology, rationalize proposals and technical development, fine and applied arts, literature and journalism. 34 participants received the right to participate in the republican stage of the competition.

Source: Uza.uz