A press conference on the theme "Family business, the development of handicrafts, creation of conditions, opportunities, the results achieved" took place in the capital. Charitable public fund of Uzbekistan "Mahalla" organized the event.

During the event, the participants in detail discussed the results of the work done and further tasks of the fund on the reorganization of citizens' self-government institutions into centers of private entrepreneurship and family business.

In the framework of the seminar it was noted that to date, 5200 citizen's gatherings of the republic have counseling centers organized, which together with the centers for labor and social protection of the population assist the youth in issues related to employment in institutions and organizations, as well as passing the state registration of business entities, preparing the necessary documents to obtain loans.

In addition, to explain the essence and meaning of the Law "On the family business", the mahhalashave conducted more than 8 thousand information events.

A press conference became a platform to discuss the challenges facing "Mahalla" Fund within the implementation of the State program "Year of a healthy mother and child", in the framework of which particular attention is paid to the creation of municipal services for the population and jobs in rural areas.

In order to develop the sphere of trade and services, which are an important direction of the family business and private entrepreneurship, bakers, barbers, carpenters, potters, tailors and many others over the last period of the year found their job places in the territories of citizen's gatherings.

Continuing the theme, the deputy chairman of the Tashkent regional branch of the fund "Mahalla" A. Rasulov said:

- To date, we have carried out a range of activities on the development of family business and entrepreneurship. In cooperation with such agencies as the Chamber of Commerce, the regional branch of the Ministry of Justice and the Independent Institute for monitoring the formation of civil society we are holding various seminars, "round tables" in order to bring up information on the possibilities and prospects of employment family business public.

It should also be noted that mahallas are currently engaged in the activity of the commission on the development of family business and entrepreneurship, which provide methodical and practical assistance to citizens wishing to start their own entrepreneurial business.

At the end of the event, journalists received detailed answers to their questions.

Source: Jahonnews.uz