The Committee on Agrarian and Water Economic issues of the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis has conducted a scientific-practical conference “Structural changes in rural economy and priority directions of effective utilization of water resources” with the participation of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Economy and the Council of Farmers.

Private ownership keeps developing in this sphere as a result of reforms carried out in rural economy. A modern infrastructure on the cultivation and processing of farm crops and rendering services to farmers has been created. Increased volumes of production of agricultural output and solving the most important task of satisfying the need of the population in farm products, in their turn, advance the demand in the rational use of land and water resources.

Last year, for example, the country produced 12.6 mln tons of vegetables and potato; 1.9 mln tons of melon crops; 1.6 mln tons of grapes and 2.7 mln tons of fruit.

The participants in the conference drew special attention to measures realized in the country on rational utilization of water resources. The implementation of new water-saving technologies enabled to reduce the volumes of water by more than 42% per hectare of irrigated lands.

In the course of discussion the speakers underscored the need in following the provisions of the land and water legislation, carrying out concrete measures on the ground on the improvement of land-reclamation activities, and implementing the outlined measures on the development of the land-reclamation and irrigation facilities’ network. According to deputies opinion this aspect is rather an acute one; it is directly linked with the ensuring the country’s food security.

Also was noted the need in the improvement of the Law “On water and water use”. The deputies consider that the process of further reforming the agriculture and the introduction of modern agricultural technologies will facilitate the satisfaction of the population’s needs in quality fruit and vegetables and development of export in this direction.

Recommendations and proposals were elaborated and advanced on the improvement of mechanisms for motivating the producers of agricultural output introducing the drip irrigation systems and such other economic technologies.