In the field camp of the farm "Istiklol" in Khonkin district Executive Committee of the Political Council of UzLiDeP and Council of Farmers of Uzbekistan held a regional seminar on the theme "Farmers of Uzbekistan - with international recognition" with the participation of farmers from Republic of Karakalpakstan and Khorezm region, deputies of UzLiDeP in regional and cities councils of people’s deputies as well as various organizations.
During the event participants discussed the priorities identified in the decree of the President of our country «On measures on improving system of procurement and use of fruits, vegetables, potatoes and melons» as well as analyzed the results of the regional work to execute of this decree.

— Our farm has orchards and vineyards on 40 hectares of land, - says head of the farm "Nurullo N. Nurullayev. — To store the harvest of fruits and vegetables have commissioned a freezer with a capacity of 100 tons. This helps us throughout the year to supply fresh produce to the markets. This year, I will use the benefits from the state and will build a workshop for drying and processing of fruit. We also have signed an agreement with Russian firms on the export of our products. Uzbekistan has a very favorable climate for the cultivation of high-quality and delicious fruits and vegetables that can compete on the world market.

— This decree will assist in the further development of the farming and agricultural sector, - says head of the farm «Sadullo Kurbanov» S. Kurbanov. — Before I exported my products but could not get enough profits, now the state will assist us in finding a buyer for export.

— Thanks to create opportunities we have with the Russian firm "Sarina" agreement on the export of 500 tons of grapes, - says head of the farm "Egam Normat" in Bagat district B. Egamov. — We are able to procure 110 tons of grapes, but for the fulfillment of contractual obligations we entered into agreements with other farms. At today’s seminar, we shared experiences with partners and agreed to work together in this direction.

During the seminar, there was an exhibition of fruits and vegetables, melons, grown by farmers as well as agricultural machinery and chemistry.

At the end of the event a number of head of the farms received thanks for their active work on uninterrupted supply markets with agricultural products.