In accordance with a resolution dated 5 March 2016 of the Council of the Senate of Uzbekistan’s Supreme Assembly, elections of chairmen of citizens’ gatherings and their advisers are in progress in people’s self-government bodies. 

According to information from the Tashkent city branch of the Mahalla public charity foundation, to date 431 chairmen of neighbourhood people’s gatherings and 6173 advisers have been elected. 

Citizens are electing the worthiest candidates in these elections being held on a multi-candidate basis, and these candidates are ready to take on responsibility for the destiny of their neighbourhood. 

There are 57 citizens’ gatherings functioning in the Yashnaobod district of the capital city, and so far elections have been held in 47 neighbourhoods at a high level. 

Particularly, thorough preparations were made for the election in the “Yangi Davr” neighbourhood citizens’ gathering. 

At the reconstructed building of the neighbourhood citizens’ gathering, the biographies and programmes of candidates for the positions of chairman and his advisers were put up so that people could get detailed information. 

Over the past few years, large-scale improvement work has been carried out in the neighbourhood. At the initiative of the chairman of the neighbourhood, his adviser and entrepreneurs, measures have been taken to create jobs and to help young people spend their leisure time meaningfully. 

Three candidates were nominated for the position of neighbourhood chairman. After representatives and participants in the gathering familiarized themselves with the programmes of each candidate, the incumbent chairman of the neighbourhood citizens gathering, Bahrom Hudoyorov, was re-elected by open ballot.