Uzbektelecom joint stock company introduces new tariff for universal telecommunication services fr om 1 July 2016.

New tariffs for universal telecommunication services were approved by the Ministry for development of information technologies and communication.

A monthly subscription fee for use of home telephone in city at time payment system will grow from 2,040 soums to 2,350 soums and in rural areas from 900 soums to 1035 soums.

At the subscription payment system, the subscription fee is 3.090 soums in city (now – 2,690 soums) and 1,520 soums in rural areas (1,325 soums). The tariffs were also increased for organizations.

The cost of each minute over lim it (180 minutes) for all categories of users rose from 9 soums to 12 soums.

The coefficient of 0.10 to tariff will be applied to the cost of local calls from 22:00 to 7:00. At the same time, calls to emergency services, technical service, bureau of repair, order of international calls are free.

The price of calls to foreign countries and long-distance calls within Uzbekistan was not changed.

Uzbektelecom also increased tariffs for sending telegrams within Uzbekistan and foreign countries. The price for one word of ordinary telegram rose from 37 soums to 44 soums for population. The payment for urgent telegram grew from 184 soums to 220 soums. Telegraph duty for all types and category of telegrams rose from 184 soums to 220 soums.

Last time, prices for universal telecommunication services rose in Uzbekistan in July 2015.