In May, the Republican Stock Exchange "Tashkent" registered 20 trading sessions. In total, the past month saw 324 transactions concluded for the purchase and sale of 36.6 million pieces of securities of 33 issuers. The volume of exchange transactions with securities in May amounted to 14.1 billion soums, which is 2.1 times higher than the figure for May 2015.

In the reporting period, deals were concluded in the following sections:

- circulation of shares of listed companies - 64 transactions in the national currency in the amount of 12.1 billion soums and 3 transactions for hard currency in the amount of $229.6 thousand;

- the sale of state assets – 73 deals in the amount of 5 million soums;

- placement of additional shares– 128 deals amounting to 0.8 billion soums;

- sale of corporate securities for individuals – 51 transactions in the amount of 0.01 billion soums;

- block-trading – 1 deal in the national currency in the amount of 0.2 billion soums and 4 deals in hard currency in the amount of $91.1 thousand.

he biggest transaction was concluded on 17 May in the section of circulation of shares of listed companies, as a result of which 19.4 million shares of Bank "Savdogarbank" in the amount of 1.9 billion soums were sold.

In general, the structure of stock exchange's turnover over the past month was dominated by the volume of transactions on the secondary market, which accounted for 93% (13.1 billion soums).

The average size of the volume of exchange transactions in May amounted to 43.6 million soums. The size of the average daily volume of transactions in securities amounted to 705.9 million soums. The average price of per security sold amounted to 385.9 soums.

One of the indicators characterizing the formation of demand for securities is the ratio of the sales price of securities to their nominal value, i.e. a measure of liquidity. In the reporting month, 78.8% of the total number of transactions in securities were concluded at prices higher than their nominal value. The greatest indicator of liquidity could be observed in the construction industry – 2.32 and agro-industrial complex – of 1.18. In general, the average ratio of the sale price of the securities to their face value in May totaled 1.05 (May 2015 – 1.11).

The analysis of the sectoral indices of the exchange in terms of investment attractiveness shows that the greatest demand in the past month was for securities of commercial banks – 83.6%, construction companies – 5.4%, agriculture – 3.8%.

In terms of categories of investors the highest activity was observed:

- the amount of transactions – 54% of the total volume of transactions by legal entities;

- the number of concluded deals –81.5% of the total number of stock exchange transactions by individuals.

The volume of investments of individuals in May 2016 showed a significant increase and amounted to 6.4 billion soums or 45.6% of exchange's turnover (in May 2015 the share of investors – individuals amounted to 16.2%).