A Youth festival will be held In the city of Tashkent on 7-9 June this year devoted to the 25th anniversary of our homeland’s independence under the slogan “We are children of a great country”. 

A press conference has been held on this occasion at the capital city’s palace of youth creativity. 

This festival held in cooperation with Kamolot youth public movement, the Culture and Sports Ministry, the Higher and Secondary Special Education Ministry and the Public Education Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan as well as other organizations and departments is becoming more and more prestigious, and it is scope is expanding with every passing year. The festival is held with the aim of familiarizing the younger generation with great reforms and changes taking place in our country, increasing their social activeness by instilling in them a sense of involvement in the destiny of the homeland and protecting young people from “mass culture” and other ills. 

At the event, the chairman of the central council of the Kamolot youth public movement, B.Ganiyev; the first deputy mayor of Tashkent, M.Obidov; and others gave reports on work being done in Tashkent city in line with a programme of measures aimed at implementing the state’s youth policy, about the goals and tasks of the youth festival and about events to be held as part of the festival. 

The festival will be arranged in all the districts of the city in accordance with a special schedule. The schedule runs for three days. Within it, events and projects will be conducted on nearly twenty subjects such as “This is my Homeland”, “Governor and young people”, “MP and young people”, “Heroes of our times”, “Respect for veterans” and “No one would be left without care and attention”. At its conclusion, active young people will be given awards on a number of nominations. 

As part of the event, a photo exhibition entitled “We are your children, Uzbekistan” will be arranged. 

During the press conference, answers were given to journalists’ questions.

Source: Uza.uz